Upcoming courses:

  • Social History of Sexuality [Carleton University – HIST 3106] – Fall term 2018
  • The Making of Europe  [Carleton University – HIST 1001 A] – Winter term 2019

Past courses:

  • History of Disability

[Carleton University – HIST 3907A: Transnational or Thematic Topic]

COURSE DESCRIPTION – This course will introduce students to the growing field of disability history. Together we will consider the representation and understanding of disability as it changes over time and as it is portrayed and experienced in changing cultural contexts. This course will address disability in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and, differentiating between medical and cultural interpretations, will confront the social construction(s) of disability. A focus will be placed on North American literature and case studies will foreground the Canadian context. In addition to relevant theoretical discussions and diverse analytical methods, we will consider several case studies that will help make visible the various lived experiences of people with disabilities, highlighting the causes and effects of discrimination, exclusion and marginalization, as well as resistance to such treatment. Other topics, such as material aspects of disability as well as policies, will also be part of the syllabus. Students will furthermore have a chance to engage with public history initiatives that pertain to the course contents.

Taught: Fall 2016